Monday, September 2, 2013

The beginning :)

For awhile now I have wanted to start a blog, a place to release all those things running through my mind at a mile a minute.
            I go into my blogger app and spend tons of time making it look just perfect, really putting a lot of thought into what I want to call it and write my first blog.
            I re-read it and really like it.  I come back a few more times and write equally good blogs.
            Then, for some reason, a month or two goes by and when I come back, I erase everything, vowing to start over and this time get it right.
            Sometimes I think it's because I think I've gone off on too many topics (when I look at other blogs, they are usually about one or two things).  Sometimes I decide that what I've written is too controversial, that people will come upon it and be so offended that they'll never come back again.  Mostly I'm just not happy with how it began.
            Just starting off is like running up to someone you don't know and filling them in on your darkest secrets.  No one does that.  It's uncomfortable for both parties and just doesn't feel ... right.
            I decided to research a bunch of blogs, see how they started theirs.  To be honest, so many of them made me feel like I was watching a foreign flick without the subtitles, beginning a movie I know nothing about 30 minutes into it.  I realized that was what my problem was - I wasn't starting at the beginning.
            So ... here is my beginning ...

Hello.  C'mon in.  Welcome to the inside of my brain ... be careful, it's sticky.  Feel free to look around.
            This is a collection of my obsessions, passions, extreme nerdiness and pipe bombs; a chronicle of the things I love and the things that send me off on a soap box rant.
            I'm sure I'll mostly be talking to myself, but feel free to join in the conversation at any time. :)  I always love to hear people's opinions, especially if they are not the same as mine.

"Don't chase people; be you, do your own thing and work hard.  The right people who belong in your life will come to you and stay." ~KushandWizdom

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