Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I love amazing author experiences

This afternoon my mother was telling me the latest information on the teenagers in Florida.  For those of y'all who have missed this, there was a 14 year old (with the help of a 12 year old) that was bullying a 12 year old - online, on the phone and in person.  That 12 year old committed suicide (such a sad ending to a life with such potential).  The 14 year old posted on Facebook that she didn't care that she was dead and the Sheriff had her arrested, something I completely agree with.  In fact, I wish he'd arrest her parents too because they were told over and over again about what was going on and didn't take the phone away from her or do anything to stop her (the mother didn't want her daughter to be mad at her). 

This situation made me think a lot about the situation that has been going on with authors behaving poorly (and reviewers too) on some social media sites.  I guess people forget that we are all human, we all have feelings and we all should be treated properly.  (When adults behave like this on a daily basis, can we be surprised when teenagers are doing the same thing??)  This has gone from being such a small thing to a HUGE deal, which makes it hard for people to want to write honest reviews ... and I'm sure hard for authors to want to put there work out there.

Amongst all this negative activity, I have had some very wonderful experiences with authors over the last couple of weeks so, instead of sharing the distasteful behavior I have experienced with authors who have somehow forgotten that without readers they are nothing (with all the authors out there writing books, why would we want to deal with someone who treats us badly? - it's not like we are in danger of running out of books to read), I have decided to share my experiences.

A little bit of back story here - I have been doing Read 2 Reviews over the last couple of months on Goodreads.  It is something that I love and I am part of a group on there that do reviews.  There is a place on our group for authors who need reviewers to ask for assistance and I have contacted several people when there books sounded like something I would be interested in.  It really does make you feel good to help someone out who needs it - and who doesn't like free books? :)

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted, out of the blue, by an author (Jonathan Sturak) I had never spoken to.  I had read a story of his awhile back and wrote a review both on Goodreads and Amazon expressing how much I loved the story.  He has written several books, but has just put out another one and asked me, since I loved this one, if I would be interested in receiving a free copy of the latest book to write a review.

Clouded Rainbow is a great story, one that I would suggest that others read.  It is a story about a husband and wife that go out to eat a nice restaurant together, but on the way home they are in a horrible accident.  When the husband wakes up, he can't find his wife anywhere and the story is his experience trying to find her.  My heart is racing just thinking back on the story and the ending that I didn't expect.

The latest book is called His First, Her Last and it is a very personal story to him.  I will be beginning this book in the next couple of days and I cannot wait to read it. 

A few days after that, I was contacted by another author, this time Gamal Hennessy, who I had already done a Read 2 Review for.  He asked me if I would be interested in being a beta reader for the 2nd book in that particular series.

Smooth Operator was the book that I had previously read.  It was a good book - short stories all based around Warren Baker in one way or another - but I was surprised that he asked me this since I was very unhappy with the way that it ended (he had started a short story, then ended it abruptly with the end of the book). 

The second book, A Taste of Honey, was really good and I can't wait til it comes out so I can write a proper review for it.

Then today happened (well, considering it's after midnight here, I guess I better say yesterday happened).  Another author, who I had never spoken to, but I had purchased one of his books before - read, loved and reviewed it on Amazon and Goodreads (and now my review is on here) - messaged me on Goodreads and asked me if I would read the sequel to his book that he will be releasing soon.

Claus: Legend of the Fat Man is now, by far, one of my favorite Christmas books, one that I put up there with A Christmas Carol (something I read every year) - I also think it would make an amazing movie (hint hint Mr Bertauski).  It is a story, obviously, about Santa - and his brother, Jack.  It is a must-read for anyone who likes Christmas stories, especially ones that aren't the typical story you read about Santa.  I had actually planned on reading it a second time in December.

His second book (YES I said I would read it) is called Jack: The Tale of Frost - and I've already uploaded it onto my Kindle to begin soon.
My day was made (and I guess shows that at least some of my reviews aren't absolute rubbish haha), but my point goes far beyond that.  These are SMART authors.  They picked readers who had already read - and enjoyed - their books to be the first ones to get there hands on the next book (especially when it's the next book in a series).  These were authors that went out of their way (and yes, I know they are doing this to boost their name getting out there which helps with their sales) to make their readers feel important.  They could have taken the easy way out (family and friends, paid to get reviewers, etc), but this, at least maybe for me, made me feel like myself, as a reviewer, was important ... and I just wanted to share a happy story amongst all the bad stories I've been reading lately.


Diego Martin said...

very informative!! I wish that I had developed a love interest in reading.. but I'm more musically incline. None the less, I feel your joy by reading your blog! If a musician I enjoyed listening asked me to listen to an unpublished (future release) song... totally awesome!! :)

Raiyine said...

That would be an awesome thing. I wonder if there are websites out there for music lovers that put artist and listener together. There should be. That's what's great about Goodreads and other book sites. I'm glad that my excitement came through. I literally do the happy dance when someone asks me, randomly, to read their book - but this was much more impressive considering I had already reviewed something before of theirs and they apparently liked my reviews enough to want me to read more. :)