Monday, October 28, 2013

My Entire Universe

Ris & Idgie ....

I've sat down so many times over the last couple of years to write you this letter, but never got very far because I don't even know where to send it.  Are you guys still in the same house you were in?  How are your friends doing?  Your little brothers?  How's school?  You doing well?  Still reading?  How are Abry and Fluta?  I have so many questions I want to ask.

A few times, Ris would covertly send Bitey texts from other people's phones (I'm so proud of my little ninja), but it's been awhile since we've heard anything.  Do you guys remember us?  Still love us?

I've tried many times to make amends with your mom, was even willing to take full blame for whatever it was that brought us to this point, but my tries were ignored.  I hope you guys know and understand that I didn't want this, never wanted to be away from the two of you.

I miss the two of you SO much and still love you more than all the hangers in Bitey's closet.  I hope and pray that your mom will finally reach out to us and let us see you again - and I won't stop praying for that until the day y'all are here.

Please don't ever think that you're not wanted by us because you're STILL my entire world.


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Mollydee said...

Love the pics. But the blog made me sad.