Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just call me Superman

This morning I pulled a Superman.  Just without the phone booth (do they even have those around anymore?).  

I was in a rush after deciding that yes I would be going walking this morning ... mainly because it's supposed to rain for the next three days and, if it actually does, I would have been miserable and upset with myself for not getting up and going today.

I got down the two flights of stairs (yes, we live on the third floor) and was heading back to the back corner of our complex - my starting line.  I started my app that keeps track of how far I've gone, got my music going, went to slide my iPod into the back pocket of my walking shorts and .... realized I had them on inside out.

Now, I could have gone walking like that - I even considered whether I would be comfortable with my iPod on the INSIDE of my pants - but anyone who knows me KNOWS that this would have driven me crazy.

I didn't want to go ALL THE WAY back upstairs so ....... I slipped into the elevator, waited for the door to shut and QUICKLY took my shorts off, fixed them and put them back on.

Then I strolled out all nonchalant, like nothing happened ... minus the giggle. :p  

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