Thursday, November 14, 2013

REVIEW: Captain James Hook & the Curse of Peter Pan

Captain James Hook & the Curse of Peter Pan
By: Jeremiah Kleckner & Jeremy Marshall

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Year published: 2012
Pages: 184

Date read: 11 March 2013

Summary: The infamous Jolly Roger and her captor, the Triumph, rock in the violent waves of a passing storm.  Deep within the hull of the British flagship, Admiral Price records the life of Captain Hook in shocking detail.  How did James Hook come into a life of piracy?  What is his connection to the Jolly Roger, the Royal Navy and Neverland?  Why does he hate Peter Pan?

This prequel to the iconic novel, Peter Pan, written by J.M. Barrie, records the life of the man who becomes the symbol of piracy around the world.  Captain James Hook was a man before he became a legend and a boy before he became a man.  These are his tales, as he tells them.

My thoughts:

I am a huge fan of Peter Pan, as I'm sure I've stated in other reviews of books where he is a character, and I will read anything that they have him as a character in, whether it's as J.M. Barrie originally depicted him or as some other author imagined him to be.  He is one of my favorite fairy tale characters.

If you are a fan of him like I am, then this is definitely a book that you should read.

As the summary says, it is the prequel to the original Peter Pan book and explains, from Hook's point of view, why he is what he is and why he hates Peter.  The title says it all - Captain Hook and THE CURSE of Peter Pan.  

The story begins when Jim is a young boy and Peter Pan flies through his window and ends, well, you'll just have to read it to find that out.

The whole story is full of adventure and is a lot of fun to read.  I had a hard time putting it down.  I had always wondered what Hook hated so much about Peter (other than the fact that the man has only one hand because of the boy) and where their relationship began.  This story answers all those questions and more.

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