Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Deja vu

I have been sitting here staring at this blank screen for over ten minutes now.  This is not the first time that I  have been in this place - mind screaming, but words failing me.

The rush of emotion is maddening.

I am reminded of a memory - one from a few years back - one of those memories that is good and bad, where the bad is so strong it almost takes over the good.  Almost, but not quite.  It is enough, however, that one is not felt without the other.  (I'm sure you've had a few of those in your lifetime.)

The memory is a few weeks after a close friend's birthday bash.  During that evening, she had taken an absolutely hysterical picture of me - then told me it just had to be my next profile pic on Facebook.  When she emailed it to me a few days later, I knew she was right because it was so perfectly me - complete with funny face and stupid pose.

Everyone loved the craziness of the pic - except for one old friend.  And he was very vocal about it.

His wife was angered by the fact that some cleavage was showing - no wardrobe malfunction or anything like that - and the two of them harassed me until I finally took it down.

[Later I was told by a close friend of hers that the problem was the fact that she caught him staring at the pic.  Then she should have been mad at him and not me.]

The outrage from my other guy friends' wives and girlfriends was deafening - messages, comments, texts, phone calls and one showed up on my front porch - expressing anger at the couple and their disappointment in me.

I ended up writing a post on there, including the picture for posterity - and remaking the picture my profile pic.  Oh and, yes, I did get rid of that friend.

Today is not about something as simple as a picture.

Today is about my writings, about an uninformed opinion, about words that can never be unheard ... and about me having to once again explain myself.

So here I have included the url to the blog that is in question ... for posterity's sake. :)

[Note: The post - I Have Something to Say - are my thoughts on the matter, for those interested in checking them out.]

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Matt Pechey said...

You are so totally raw and honest in your thoughts, which makes all you say and write all the more appealing to those who check out the site and your thoughts. I hope you keep sharing in a raw manner.... and let conformity queue up for the kiddie writing rides.