Friday, November 8, 2013

REVIEW: Experiment in Terror #1: Darkhouse

Experiment in Terror #1:
By Karina Halle

Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance, YA

Year published: 2012
Date read: 11.4.2013
Pages: 346

Summary: With all the vampire, werewolf and faerie books out there, it's easy to become numb to all things supernatural.  The antidote?  Darkhouse introduces two real and unforgettable characters, Perry Polomino and Dex Foray, amateur ghost hunters who are "attractive, relatable and oddly heroic," "flawed but loveable," "slightly crazy" and just the most endearing pair to ever tackle the paranormal ... just don't call them normal.

Darkhouse is a thrilling and sexy new take on concepts like Supernatural and The X-Files, bringing a breath of fresh air to a genre that has been inundated with the dead.

My thoughts

I loved every single thing about this book, from page one.  

I'm never really been a fan of first-person narratives, mostly because people just can't get it right, but Ms Halle knows exactly what she's doing.  

It's refreshing to see a main female character like Perry.  She has her faults and she knows it.  She's not one of those girls who are drop dead gorgeous with guys chasing her all over the place, but doesn't see it.  She's a real girl and she shows that real girls can be sexy, too.

Her personality is endearing and from the very beginning I knew I liked her.  I also felt like I had a lot in common with her.  (Have you ever read a book where you're sure that the character is you, just in a different situation?  This was it.)

The story/adventure is fun and definitely has its creep moments.  But at the same time it is very lighthearted.

And Dex, well, he's one of those guys that you like, but you're not really sure why, who makes you think that maybe you shouldn't like him so much.  (I swear I know this guy haha).  He's cocky and sarcastic and a really good character.

There's a slightly romantic aspect to the whole thing, but it's not an instantaneous, romp in the hay kind of romance, but more of a getting to know you and it's not quite perfect because of a, b and c kind of romance - you know, like real life.

The ending is by far one of my favorite parts - it answers just enough questions that make you just HAVE to read the second book, which I knew I would have to do before I even got halfway through this one - which is when I ended up buying the rest of the series.

Definitely a great book and I can't wait to read more.

Favorite line: "She's smart, she's funny and she's not afraid to take risks.  Not to mention that she's beautiful, sexy and charming.  You know it, I know it and soon everyone else will know it.  The only person who doesn't know it is her because of archaic fuckheads like yourself telling her otherwise." ~Dex Foray 

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