Sunday, November 3, 2013

My thoughts ...

It's always nice to have the main character in the book not be some gorgeous girl who just doesn't see it, one that isn't being followed around by some good looking guy who is throwing himself at her and she just doesn't seem to notice it.  I really like her.  She's "chubby," not a skinny chick with low self-esteem thinking she's fat.  She's real.  And she's got spunk.

And I usually thoroughly dislike first person, but this is so well-written, so perfect.

You ever read a book where you can almost swear the character is you, but in a slightly different situation?  Like even the people in the character's life are people in your life? 

I have a sarcastic, yet caring set of twins in my life; I have a sister who is thin, gorgeous and perfect; I have body and self-esteem issues; I have a concerned and sometimes very protective mother; the guy I'm completely twitterpated with has the same personality as this one plus is creative and um complicated.  I also went to college, but am in a job that is not what I intended to be doing that is considered low man on the totem pole.  The only differences are she's still young and I'm not on the coast dealing with a haunted/evil lighthouse.  Oh and she'll probably get him in the end.

Completely relateable character!  Completely real

Incredible book.  I can't wait to see how it ends .... 

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Diego Martin said...

this intro or tease has all ready peaked my interest!! I'm thinking this character is very down to earth, laid back, cares about all and often finds her self wide awake in the middle of night pondering! I can relate!