Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My thoughts

I am reading this book and I am oh so frustrated.  A good portion of the time I completely dislike the main character.  And I don't think I'm supposed to.

When someone gives me a book to do an r2r on, I very rarely read the description past the first few lines, if that.  Usually I just read what they chose to say about it, the genre and take a look at the cover.  Some descriptions just give WAY too much away about the story and I like to be surprised, not waiting for something mentioned in the description to happen.  I never read other people's reviews until after I've posted my own, afraid of their words being stuck in my mind or swaying my opinion in some way.

I find his thoughts about his fiance's best friend inappropriate and disgusting.  And it's not just mentioned once or twice, it's throughout the first 70% of the book.  He held hands with her, he stared at her cleavage, he thought of kissing her quite often.  What the hell?!?!  But your fiance is the love of your life?!?!  He doesn't act like a gentleman, especially when he looks at her friends as "his" females.  But he gets mad at a man for treating some strangers like pieces of meat.  What does he think he's doing it?!?! 

"He watched the girls, the friends, as a ghost would.  He studied
the way the lights sparkled off Hazel's face, the way she moved her
mouth, the way her easy eyes bounced to her friends.  He loved this
woman, now more than ever, but as he felt her energy next to him,
the aroma of mangoes found its way into his nose and into his brain.
Jason watched Joy take bites of sushi in between laughs.  She had nice
teeth, nicer than Hazel's, and her hair was glistening in the lights.
But as he savored her, and savored his hamburger, the other two
girls around him were unavoidable.  The color in Melissa's eyes
looked deeper, more vivid than the bluest waters in the Caribbean.
He got lost in those eyes.  And Oona's red lips opened and closed,
forming words faster than all of the girls could or would.  How did her
lips taste?  As Jason sat there, relishing his environment, a 
feeling of nervousness came over him.  He missed home."

"He had a problem.  While the provided uniform was tight to
begin with, he would never be able to slide the shorts past his erection."
[He wasn't turned on like this by his fiance, but by catching a 
glimpse of her best friend topless.]

"Jason took another gulp of his beer as he watched the love of his life
singing like a star.  She was beautiful up there, working the crowd,
smiling with her best friend.  This was the highlight of the trip.
As he watched Hazel moving, he couldn't help but notice Joy's
breasts bouncing under her sundress."

See what I mean??

His complaining about all kinds of things and always wanting to go home made him sound like a wimp, especially when he called his mom.  And speaking of his mom, her passive-aggressive comments (i.e. confusing the Asian countries, calling them "those people") was really sad to me.  This is the country of the woman your son fell in love with and you can't make an effort to get it right?

Oh and for the love of all things holy WHY does he have to keep checking his "security case, camera case and hand sanitizer" every few pages?!?!?!  Seriously already!!!!  We get it.  You don't feel safe and you have a germ problem.  I have a germ problem.  I carry a purse.  I know they're there.  Leave it alone already.  The first two or three times it's kind of endearing.  After the first fifteen, I just wanted to take the "security case" and shove it down his throat.

There are some things I do like, though. 
The moments where he actually noticed the beauty of this country, of his surroundings, were refreshing and I loved reading them, but he seems to miss it more than he seems to notice it.

I love her family.  They seem so loving and welcoming of this man they really don't know.  They welcome him to their country and into their family, sharing so much with him.

I wanted to love this book so much.  Now to finish and find out if the ending makes up for all of this.  

This is going to be one interesting review to write. o_O

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