Friday, November 22, 2013

Starting tomorrow ...

I have met lots of people over the last few months who are "working" on their first book.  They all seem really excited about putting the story they have inside them onto paper, but also seem frustrated with what they are doing, some even saying that they feel "stuck."

I know that feeling all too well, so I decided to ask some of my author friends (that I have been lucky enough to meet over the last year) and see what advice they had to offer.

I already knew that these authors were amazing (and very talented), but the fact that so many of them took the time to put a lot of thought into their answers really made my day and took what was going to be one simple post and turned it into what will be a weekly thing.

I can never thank them enough for all the help that they have given me - and the help they are passing on to future writers. 

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