Saturday, December 28, 2013

REVIEW: A Christmas Peril

Bit Parts: A Christmas Peril
By: Michelle Scott

Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Christmas
Publication date: 11.7.2013
Pages: 54

Date read: 12.24.2013
Recommended by: Won on BookLikes

Summary: Cassandra Jaber hadn’t planned on spending the holidays with a bunch of vampires who are all intent on stealing her soul. But when she gets a party invitation she can’t refuse, she realizes that vamps aren’t the only things she needs to beware of. (This novella is based on the books in the Bit Part series.)

My thoughts

I may not have thought this through enough before reading this story.  Ya see, I have won a couple of books over on BookLikes and I plan to start reading them January 2014.  I was so excited that this was a Christmas one - that I read it ... without reading Stage Fright first.  Because of this, I only know bits and pieces of the backstory.  Stage Fright is now on my Wish List and I plan to read it soon.

Now, on to A Christmas Peril.  This Cassandra chick is, apparently, a vampire hunter - and so is her date to this Christmas party.  There's just one problem - it is a Christmas party for vampires.  Yes, that means that her and her date are not only vampire hunters, but will be the only non-vampires at the party.  Ok - seems interesting.  This is what caused me to try and win the book in the first place.

From the very beginning of the story, I'm not a fan of Cassandra.  Now, maybe I would be if I knew everything she went through in the previous book, but it just seems like a bad idea to come "packing" to a Christmas party, I don't care who's going to be there.  It just sounds like you're bringing trouble and when you bring trouble, well, trouble follows.  So, as you've guessed, things happen that lead to trouble, and then more trouble, and then more trouble.  Now, good comes from the trouble and the twist was unexpected, but it just seemed, I don't know, forced ... or maybe it's because this had the potential of being a longer novella or even a novel and didn't live up to what I expected.

I'm giving it a 3 1/2 because I felt it could have been better, with or without me knowing the backstory.

These are my thoughts NOW, but after I read Stage Fright, I'll give this novella another chance.

Favorite character: Andrew, Cassandra's roommate - he just seems fun.

Favorite line: "When the doorbell rang, Andrew went to answer it, and I went for my hidden stash of weapons.  Okay, the bridesmaid's dress had been a bad idea, but I still needed to conceal a weapon or two.  I shoved one of the stakes down my cleavage, and hastily tied the other to my thigh.  Since I wasn't carrying a purse, the tiny canister of holy water got tucked into the sash behind the rhinestone pin."

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