Saturday, December 7, 2013

REVIEW: A Timely Letter to Santa Claus

A Timely Letter to Santa Claus
By: Geoff Nolan

Genre: Christmas
Year published: 2012
Pages: 5

Date read: 12/6/13

Summary: Encouraged to share her thoughts, a little girl writes a heart-breaking letter to Santa Claus.

A Timely Letter to Santa Claus is an expertly-crafted, thought-provoking short story, approximately five pages in length.  It is not suitable for children.

My thoughts

This is a rather sad letter to Santa from the perspective of a young girl, one where she shares what is going on in her life.  She doesn't understand what's going on, but when you read her words you see that it's not a really happy life like she thinks it is.  I had goose bumps the entire time reading it.  She talks about her brother and how she's sick and ... and I just wanted to hug her so bad.  Amazing story in only 5 pages.

For those of y'all interested, it is currently free on Amazon.

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