Saturday, December 14, 2013

You ever just ...

You ever just have one of those weeks?  You know.  One of THOSE weeks.

Mine is turning out to be one of THOSE months, which really sucks considering December is one of my three favorite months (December = Christmas and New Year's Eve, October = Halloween and scary things, April = my birthday, which lasts a freaking weak :p).

Tempe has not come back, which really makes me sad.  She's not one of those cats that will just let someone else take them in and I have put her favorite food all over this gosh darn place, looked through the complex and around every day since she left, knocked on everyone's doors, posted signs - she's just...gone.  And even though she's OCD and possibly Autistic (haha) and she drove me crazy sometimes ... I miss the heck out of her.  It's quiet here.  Too quiet.  (The other two just aren't anti-ninja like she was.)  But we're still looking.

And, to make matters worse, the other day I flip on my laptop so I can get the days work out of the way and ... it doesn't start ... and doesn't start again ... and doesn't start again.  I gave it a few minutes (while mumbling things under my breath that made my mom threaten to wash my mouth out with soap) and when I tried again, it started and I'm all "Hallelujah!" - you know, like they do on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - until the screen that tells me it's not going to stop pops up, the one that tells me there's something wrong with my laptop.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!  (That's the cleaned up version of what I screamed.)  There can't possibly be something wrong with my hard drive - considering I have every security and anti-virus thing on there imaginable.  Which means - I have lost everything.  Well, not everything.  And not really lost, per se.  Ya see, I have an Apple laptop.  And the Apple nerds can't do anything about the information that I have on there, they can just try to fix it and when that fails, replace it.  You have to go to an outside source to get them to take your information off that hard drive - and that outside source charges a bunch of money for this service.  I know - this is the third Apple hard drive we've had a problem with, the third sitting in a shoe box in my mom's closet just waiting around until we do it (kinda like the old rolls of film that used to add up before you finally took them to the store).  A few months after I moved here, it happened to mom.  She bought herself a new hard drive and an iPad because of it (shopping always makes women happy).  Then a few months ago, the same thing happened to her ('cept this time she just bought another hard drive).  Having watched this happen to mom twice, I've been keeping a lot of important stuff on those thumb drives "just in case" - thankfully - but there were a bunch of things (like books and music and such) that I kept saying I was going to do ... and then would get sidetracked and end up doing something else.  So I have spent the last couple of days not doing what I wanted to do (especially here), but downloading things and changing things and fixing things - that was, after I finally got my computer back from those Apple nerds in the first place.  

Hopefully things are back to normal.  Hopefully my month starts to get better.  Hopefully.  *fingers crossed*

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