Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chrismas 2013

I know I know - I'm late on this one.  We'll blame it one of my famous blonde-ish moments :p

The plan was to include the pictures that I was going to take of the Christmas lights we went and saw - except I got so excited I forgot to take pictures haha.  I'm like a little kid when it comes to driving around looking at those - I get all excited.  I'm sure I've driven my mom crazy all these years, but it is still a tradition in our family.

I hope everyone had a great one ..........

My mother and I decided that the "big gift" this year was going to be a membership to the San Antonio Zoo that we could share.  That meant we would go small and simple on the rest of the gifts.  I made her a Christmas card (that's kinda my thing - making things - especially out of recycled stuff), bought her favorite candy - and loaded up her Kindle with a bunch of mysteries for her to read in her free time.

My mom picks the best goofy gifts - a tape dispenser shaped like a high heel?!?! - so bad, but it looks great on my desk and makes me giggle when I look at it (she giggled when I opened the bag).  I also got a wall calendar with cats - one cat is used twice and she reminds us of my lost Tempe - a beautiful glass bowl and CHOCOLATE!!  :)

Since it was just her and I, we decided to to completely non-traditional and make homemade pizza (like from scratch, not from a box or package).  It was fun - always was one of my favorite things to do for the holidays, cook with her.  And a bottle of wine since we couldn't agree on the kind of beer we wanted haha.

Before I got distracted with all the pretty lights and things - i.e. before it got dark - mom took me to a neighborhood where she sees one of her kids (she's a Pediatric Occupational Therapist that works home health) to show me these ducks she kept telling me were made out of a bush.  I thought she was crazy - or maybe she just wasn't explaining it right - or maybe I was only partly listening ... we'll never be completely sure.  

It.was.so.cool ............

Not just ducks.  Ducks, is that a seal?, a fox, a basket with gifts ... and reindeers.  Wow!!  Probably one of the coolest holiday-decorations-setups I've ever seen :)


Andrew Leon said...

That pizza looks good. Where's mine? You didn't mail it, did you?

Meghan H said...

Oh my God it was SO good. I would have sent you a whole one of your own, but I wasn't sure how it would travel. How about I just invite your whole family over to enjoy some? I mean, it's a travel, but I think my pizza is worth it. :p

Andrew Leon said...

Send us the airline tickets, and we'll be there. :P

Meghan H said...

When I win the lottery, you guys can come out for a whole week :)