Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas memories

My little friend came back - the 13 year old who thinks I'm the coolest adult ever - with a question.  The same teacher that had her do an interview has set her off on another adventure - holiday memories and what they mean to people.  She not only has to answer the question herself, but also see what memories others hold dear to their hearts.

What is my most favorite Christmas memory?

As soon as she asked me that question, my mind was flooded with all kinds of things - from when we were young all the way up to this past year.  We talked about some of the things that I remember from when I was younger, but none of them were my "favorite." 

And then I had it ...

Well, two - she told me that was "acceptable" ...

When the girls (my nieces, my entire world) were four or five, there mother/my sister took them with her when she went around to her friends' homes on Christmas Eve to pass out gifts and wish them and their families a Merry Christmas.  My mother and I stayed home for the evening and, when I went outside to get something out of the car, I found that it was snowing.  Now, anyone from Texas knows that this is not a normal occurrence, especially outside of Houston (we lived in Friendswood at the time).  I went and got my mother and there was so much snow on the cars and stuff that we were able to write "Merry Christmas from the Hydens" and the year on the windows - and we emailed them out to everyone in our family (who live in Florida) the next morning.  It was so cool.  (Later on that evening, when everyone was asleep, I went out in that same snow, freazing my tail-end off, to get their bikes from Santa out of the front of the garage, along with some other gifts that I had been hiding there.  The next morning, mom and my sister were running around, worried because they thought no one had done it - I think they were as amazed as the girls were when they came out, looked at the tree and saw everything there.)

A few years ago, I worked for Coach at The Galleria in Houston.  On this particular day I had to close.  A lot of the customers that evening told us that it was snowing outside, but since we were really busy, none of us were able to go out and see it.  Since it doesn't snow much - and it doesn't really stick to the ground - I was sure when I finally got off that it would all be gone.  When I came out, the snow had stopped and there were a few patches.  As I drove home, I saw more snow, but it was around midnight and I really didn't think it would be smart for me to stop on the side of the road and play with it all by myself.  The closer I got to home, the less I saw snow on the ground - and I was getting really depressed about the whole thing.  When I got home, though, there was lots of snow in the front yard - I mean lots (well, lots for us).  I went inside and mom was sitting on the couch reading a book.  She told me that the girls told her that she needed to tell me (haha) that when I got home I had to wake them up, no matter how late it was, so they could go out in the snow with me.  I was a little worried about waking them up - it was a school night - but mom said it would be ok, so I headed upstairs to wake them up.  I went into my room to change clothes and found them asleep in my bed (aww!!).  When I tried to get them up and into some clothes, Ris (the older of the two, by 30 seconds) looked at me with eyes half open and said "Meghan, it's cold outside.  I can't wear pants made of metal."  I just busted out laughing - the pants were cold from when they had them on earlier outside - and told her to hurry up.  We had SO much fun that night - at like 1am - playing in the snow and making miniature snowmen - it was awesome.  The next morning, when I took them to the bus stop (on the corner), there was still snow on the ground and the three of us, plus all the kids who use that stop, played in the snow together. 

I think that last one is definitely the favorite.

What are your Christmas/holiday memories??

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Andrew Leon said...

I remember a snow in Houston. It was the early 90s, and I basically missed all the snow by being right behind it as I was travelling.