Saturday, December 28, 2013

REVIEW: Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping
By: Angel Gelique

Genre: Christmas, Horror
Publication date: 12.16.2013
Pages: 26

Date read: 12.24.2013

Summary: A tale of Christmas mayhem...

All Jilly Carson wanted to do was get a little Christmas shopping done with her best friend, Peyton. But when Peyton can’t meet her at the mall, Jilly finds herself feeling anxious and alone as her mother’s cautionary words echo in her head:

“Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t put yourself in that position again. You remember what happened last time....”

When a tall, blonde-haired stranger begins to stalk her, Jilly does everything she can to avoid him.
Feeling scared and vulnerable, she finally decides to leave the mall. But the blonde-haired man won’t let her flee quite so easily….

My thoughts

Christmas and Horror - two things I love, why not combine them, huh?  Yeah ... not so much on this one.  More creepy older blonde guy that shouldn't be following a teenager throughout the mall ... less scared the willies out of me.  The twist, though I was expecting something, wasn't what I expected and I give it that, but on the whole "horror" scare factor thing, yeah, um ... I really wasn't feeling any ounce of scared.  I kept wondering where mall security was actually.  Just odd.

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