Thursday, December 26, 2013

Disgruntled Blogger User

The day before yesterday, while I was enjoying my wonderful Christmas Eve, I sat down to write a blog about Christmas.  After doing so, I decided to scroll through my blog and take a look at how it looked as a while, trying to see if there were any things that I needed to change about it for the new year.

Boy was I miffed.

See, several days ago I found out that this whole Google thing is taking my pictures from my blog and sticking them on albums on my Google+.  (I found this out when it decided to take one of my elephant pictures from the zoo, move it over to an album and add snow.  Snow.  On a picture that had nothing to do with snow.  Though I do think it's cool that it makes the Christmas lights on other pictures twinkle, but that's only over there in these random albums and not somewhere where it will actually be enjoyed.)  Not infuriating, but definitely annoying.  Especially since I haven't figured out how to change albums and make new ones over there - and I don't really think that book covers should be in an album anyways.

So, I deleted them from the album, figuring it won't be a big deal since it's in an album.

Oh it was a big deal - which has lead to my miffed statement from earlier.

You see, now those pictures are gone - not just from the album, but from the blog post.  Really?!?!  REALLY?!?!  *said in my best Miz impersonation*  

My blog looks awful now and I have to take the time to GO BACK and re-download those book covers - and anything else that I may have deleted without thinking that removing it from an album WOULD REMOVE IT FROM MY BLOG POSTS PEOPLE - and if I can't remember what I had there, I guess I'll be deleting blog posts.

What is wrong with these websites these days?!?!  They are so busy making it social that all they do is annoy the users.  If I want pictures in an album, I'll put them there myself.  If I want to remove them from said album, I shouldn't be penalized by having them removed from blog posts - if I wanted them removed from the blog posts, I would go do that myself.

So thank you, Blogger and Google+ and whoever else this involves - for giving me one more thing that I need to get done today.

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Andrew Leon said...

Boy, I'm glad I haven't gotten around to deleting stuff from google+. I hate all this interconnectedness they're forcing upon us these days.