Tuesday, December 17, 2013

REVIEW: Life After Dane

Life After Dane
By Edward Lorn

Genre: Horror, Suspense, Paranormal
Year published: 2013
Pages: 227

Date read: 12.11.2013
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: A mother’s love is undying… and so is Dane.

After the state of Arkansas executes serial killer Dane Peters, the Rest Stop Dentist, his mother discovers that life is darker and more dangerous than she ever expected.

The driving force behind his ghostly return lies buried in his family’s dark past. As Ella desperately seeks a way to lay her son’s troubled soul to rest, she comes face to face with her own failings.

If Ella cannot learn why her son has returned and what he seeks, then the reach of his power will destroy the innocent, and not even his mother will be able to stop him.  

My thoughts

 You know when you're reading a book and by the time you get to the end, everything is wrapped up all beautifully in a neat little package, almost a "happily ever after thing"?  Yeah, that was what I thought was happening with this book and I have to admit I was a little cheesed off about it cause this book is amazing - like AMAZING - like I have only four books that I've read this year that I can HONESTLY say I would give more than 5 stars to if I could and this is one of them, so when it seemed like everyone (well, at least the everyone that was living) was gonna be all happy family I was like "Wait, what?!?!" but then it happened - it twisted RIGHT THERE at the end and made me love the book EVEN more than I already did.  Oh my God!!

First there's Ella.  She seems like a decent woman and I like her.  She has a son - Dane - who's a pretty bad guy.  Murdered people and stuff.  The title - Life After Dane - kinda lets you know something happens to Dane and someone has to live without him.  His mom.  It goes back and forth between present and her memories of what happened in the past.  But then some freaky-deaky stuff starts happening - and she has to deal with Sven, this cutthroat journalist she is not pleased with because of the way he depicted her in an article, to figure everything out.  A total crazy ride and a very fun - and interesting - read.

I have more stuff by this guy and I can't wait to dig into them!!

My favorite line: "If I thought about Dane, or my past in general, I'd wind up crouched in a corner, worshipping Kleenex like Gollum coveting the One Ring."

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