Sunday, December 15, 2013

San Antonio Zoo

With this amazing weather (chilly, but not bitter cold like we were having), why the heck not?  And we got a membership, so they will be seeing quite a bit more of us in the future :)







San Antonio Zoo's map is, well, not very helpful.  And neither is their signage around the place.  So, after we finally found the elephant, I was a little discouraged that she was staring at a wall and wouldn't do anything.  We walked away for a few minutes to look at something else and when we came back, she had turned around.  No one else was around and I was all, "You are very beautiful" and she started walking over then stood around like she was posing for me.  (See?!?!  Lesson for you guys there - ladies always like to be told how beautiful they are.)

At the end, those special creatures are Abry (the ring-tail lemur), Fluta (the flamingo) ... and their new friend.  But I don't know what to call her.  She is an Okapi.  You can see some live ones of hers in the pictures above - a beautiful creature, but one that leads a very secretive and solitary life, which is why they call them the "Phantoms of the Forest."  Apparently most of the information they learn about them is from the ones that live in zoos.  Interesting.


Diego Martin said...

what kind of camera did you use? very nice!! And I think everyone likes to hear something sweet every once in a while. lol

Meghan H said...

An Olympus Camedia. We've had it a few years, but the zoom on it is really good. :)