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REVIEW: Santa Claus in Oz

New Adventures in Oz:
Santa Claus in Oz
By: Richard Capwell

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Christmas
Publication date: 7.2.2012
Pages: 149

Date read: 12.26.2013

Summary: Santa Claus arrives in the Emerald City, but he's in trouble and needs help. Eight-year-old Button-Bright joins Santa on a secret mission throughout Oz, encountering magic, mystery and danger at every stop. Meanwhile, the little Wizard and his apprentice, beautiful Iliana, delve into the dark history of the Land of Oz. Fully illustrated by the author.

My thoughts

One of my favorite movies of all time is the Wizard of Oz.  It could even be called an obsession.  I've seen the movie so many times that I can tell you what they will say before they say it, have read L Frank Baum's series several times and will read anything having to do with Oz.  Adding Santa Claus to the mix just makes it that.much.better - and I knew I had to read this story.

Santa's sick and needs help so, of course, he comes to the Emerald City to get that help.  I got that far into the book and was SURE that I would hate it, assuming that it would be based around either Dorothy or Ozma - there are SO many amazing characters in this series, but none of them really get utilized as much as I would like them to be.  Button-Bright (one such character) is hiding in a closet and overhears Santa telling Ozma and Oscar (the Wizard) what is happening to him.  Because of this, Santa decides to ask him to come with him and help him get to the bottom of things.  While they're out investigating, Oscar and Iliana (Oscar's apprentice, an ex-moon fairy) go off to investigate some things as well.

This story has everything - magic, mystery, unexpected secrets, hidden keys, a forbidden fountain that makes you forget everything, disappearing reindeer, tinker toys (and a robot that looks like it could be Tik Tok's twin), wicked witches, trap doors, a huge dragon ... and so much more.  Button-Bright ends up being unexpectedly brave and a huge help to save Santa.

A fun adventure that I loved and recommend to everyone who has ever enjoyed that movie.

Favorite characters: Yong (the dragon), Button-Bright and Santa, though I enjoyed learning more about all the characters that were included in this story.

Favorite lines:
"'The fairies spun the thread from imagination,' said Iliana.  'Laughter, joy, wonderment - in short, faith.'"

"'No peanut butter!  That's unacceptable.'" <- I completely agree Santa!! :)

"'What keeps your fire burning?' asked the boy.  'I am filled with the Spark of Imagination,' replied Yong.  'Aren't you afraid of it going out?'  'The world is full of dreamers.'"

"'Your appearance does not matter,' he said.  'Even if you were the ugliest creature in the world, if your actions were good and kind, I might love you.  But you are wicked and unrepentant, and therefore, I will never see you as anything but repulsive.'"

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