Saturday, December 7, 2013

REVIEW: Shadow Spinner: Collection 2: The Man with No Eyes

Shadow Spinner: Collection 2: The Man with No Eyes
By Andrew Leon

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Young Adult
Year published: 2013
Pages: 70

Date read: 12/3/2013
Recommended by: author, r2r

Summary: In collection 2, we get to see more of the plan that the Man with No Eyes has for Tib.  And Michael, Tib's father, really does fall out of the sky.  Will Tiberius escape the shadows of his mother's past?

My thoughts

 I enjoyed the first part of the collection but it was NOTHING like this one.  I mean, this was amazing.  Tiberius really goes through some stuff.  When his dad arrives ... then the shadows ... and the guy with no eyes ... and the creepy watcher guy ... and his mom ... and that stuff at the end ...  This is definitely a collection I must finish.  Even though there was a part that made me sad.

Also, as with the first collection, there's an added bonus: a short story written by another author that is based on Andrew's The House on the Corner novel.  This one has "Augurs of Distant Shadow" by Briane Pagel.  It has vampires.  Well, vampire type things.  And no they don't shimmer.

Favorite line: "He could feel them.  Feel them passing over his body.  Like feathers on his skin.  Under his clothes.  Spiderwebs sliding over his body.  He clawed and brushed at them, but there was nothing there."

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