Sunday, December 22, 2013

REVIEW: Swimming to the Moon

Swimming to the Moon
A Collection of Rhymes Without Reason
By: Jeff McMahon

Genre: Poetry
Publication date: 10.31.13
Pages: 192

Date read: 12.19.13
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Words of wisdom, whimsy and wonder fill this collection of tall tales and silly stories. As you wander through the pages you just may come across a rare Giraffapotamus, or meet The Remarkable Hector McTwee, and maybe even take a ride on a Unicornicycle. There are Cannonballs and Cartwheelers, Tree Climbers and Trampolinists, Moon Swimmers and Moose Riders, and an amazing assortment of funny, strange, and unforgettable rhymes that will have you wondering just what's coming next. A timeless collection of poems and art keeping the tradition of hardcover books and bedtime reading alive. This is the first in a projected trilogy which will include the sequel Running To The Sun, to be followed by Sailing To The Stars.
In the spirit of the wonderful books by Shel Silverstein, these beautifully illustrated verses and story-poems come to life with memorable characters and messages that will appeal to youngsters, parents, grandparents, adults, teens, and basically children of all ages. This poetry collection will become a favorite that you will turn to again and again, for bedtime reading, family time, or if you just need a smile to brighten your day.

My thoughts

I'm working on my poetry
I think it's going well.
I think I've got the rhyming down
as far as I can tell.

The problem that I tend to have
is this disturbing trend.
My mind begins to wander
when I'm getting near
the part of the poem where you wrap it up and make it all come
together, but instead of just finishing I start to think of all the
other things that I should have included and I start to second
guess myself and then I can't stay focused and I lose my con-
centration, (hey look, a bird), but then I circle back and re-
member where I was and that I need to simply write
the end

He reminds me a lot of Shel Silverstein and Dr Seuss - silly words, funny rhymes, lots of great pictures.  An enjoyable read for both adults and children.  I'm really glad I read this book - it had me laughing quite a few times throughout it and lifted an otherwise dull evening up quite a bit.

Poems in this book you definitely should check out: Under All This Dirt, The Dresser, The Shopping Cart Adventure (a personal favorite), Driving Doesn't Seem So Hard, Above the Bottom, Poet Try, A Most Outstanding Cannonball, Gum on My Shoe, I Threw a Rock, The Declaration of Jim Dependence, Rolling Down a Hill, and They Only Give You One.  All are definitely worth the read, though. :)

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