Saturday, December 28, 2013

REVIEW: Ten Commandments for the Thriving Writer

Ten Commandments for the Thriving Writer: Enjoying and Embracing the Freelance Writing Life
By: Karen Banes

Genre: Writing, How-To
Publication date: 12.8.2013
Pages: 46

Date read: 12.28.2013
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Summary: This freelance writing guide is your ten-step guide to enjoying and embracing the freelance writing life, whether you're relatively new to freelance writing or already building an impressive portfolio of published writing.

If you want to move forward with your freelance writing business while writing about what you love, publishing on your own terms and working smarter not harder, this is the freelance writing guide for you.

By the time you finish this short book you'll be full of ideas about how to:

Make money writing about what you love
Publish your writing on your own terms
Focus on the work you love doing, and outsource what you don't enjoy
Promote your writing with class and integrity - and have fun doing it
Network and collaborate with people you actually like
Build a body of work you can be proud of
Keep your freelance writing (and the rest of your life) simple
Work less hours than most people (but more than Tim Ferriss - if you really love your work, you don't need a four hour work week)
Keep learning, growing and developing as your freelance writing career progresses
Lead a balanced life, and find time for fun and relaxation 

My thoughts

This book is full of a lot of great advice, not just for freelance writing.  Some of it I've heard before, but the way she puts it all together is very helpful and encouraging.  I think anyone who is writing - whether it just be a personal blog or writing a novel, whether you haven't finished your first draft or have published several books - should give these few pages a read through.  Advice is advice and you never know what you'll learn from someone who has gone through it all before.

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