Thursday, January 2, 2014

REVIEW: Aiden's Alibi

Aiden's Alibi
Series: Modern Relationships
By: DB Allen

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Publication date: 12.13.2013
Pages: 54

Date read: 1.1.2014
Recommended by: Silky Oak Press

Summary: A year into mourning his wife, James Davison still wonders how to move on. Could Aiden’s mother be the answer, or just another question? Is this the real thing, or something else altogether? James’s life is about to get a lot more complicated. 

This brilliant contemporary story of love, lust and loss is Book One in D.B Allen’s Modern Relationships Series.

Aiden's Alibi is a short novella of approximately 15,000 words, or around 50 pages.

My thoughts

What an incredible story.  This man and what he goes through during this story was just wow. 

Time has passed after the death of his wife, his soulmate.  On the year anniversary of her death, this non-drinker goes to a bar for a quiet drink in her memory and ends up drinking quite a bit with a coworker he only knew through office gossip before.  They began seeing each other ... and then her ex-husband and son enter the picture and everything changes.

Definitely a good read.

Favorite character: Jim.  I feel sorry for him, for his loss and everything that happens.  I also like the son.  Not his character, but just how well he's written.  


Coachwood Critique said...

Hi Meghan. Really glad you liked Aiden's. There is another novella due soon called The Rainbow Blindness, and a novel-length series of stories (this time set in the U.S) called Heart Land. Keep your eyes out for them!

Meghan H said...

I will definitely have to keep a look out for those. Thank you :)

Coachwood Critique said...

Hi Meghan,

Just to let you know, The Rainbow Blindness is now out on Kindle.

Meghan H said...

I know - Ron sent it to me the day it came out. :)

I am hoping to get it this weekend. Good luck!! :)