Thursday, January 30, 2014


By Steve Atwood

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Short Story
Publication date: 12.20.2013
Pages: 50

Date read: 1.30.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Bane was created by an Ecran scientist to travel to distant stars. But, the Ecran military quickly realized how a wormhole generator could be used as a weapon against their only enemy, Meran. After a successful test, a Marine detachment led by Bassar Raad is transferring the weapon of mass destruction to a secret lab. This was Meran’s only chance to seize this terrible weapon and save their planet.

Rick Marion Lewis was a privateer for the Meranian government with a special knack for stealing ships. His handler in the Meran Intelligence Directorate (MID) assigned Rick to steal Bane and return it to the MID. With Tessa Staffa at his side, Rick chases down Bane to save his planet from certain destruction.

My thoughts

This story has a lot of potential and characters that I would like to know more about.  Even the weapon idea really caught my interest and made me want to find out what was going to happen.  The ending made me almost cheer.  I really enjoyed it.

But ...

This would have been really good - 4 1/2, even 5 star - without the unrealistic, awkward romance that, frankly, was not necessary.  I mean, as soon as it started, I felt like it was a cop-out, like the author wasn't sure about his story and stuck that in to catch people's attention.  And, to make matters worse, he's just been hurt during interrogation and they're captured in a cell and that's when they decide to do it?!?! *rolls eyes* I do appreciate that we didn't get full on description.  It just wasn't necessary and seemed really out of place when it came to the rest of the story.  Like pages from another book were stuck in as a trick.  Bad decision.

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