Thursday, January 30, 2014

REVIEW: Cinnamon Diamonds

Cinnamon Diamonds
By: Mark Piper

Genre: Historical Fiction
Publication date: 1.7.2013
Pages: 12

Date read: 1.30.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Cinnamon Diamonds is a short story retelling the amazing events of a stormy night in 1847. A three masted schooner sailed through a hurricane off the east coast of the United States. A young man named Hanson Gregory became the creator of the first ever hole in a doughnut. It's creation during a hurricane has become a thing of legend. This story couples his one and only interview with a newspaper reporter in 1916 with repeated and no doubt distorted versions of the truth from his fellow sailors whom he recited the tale to in his retirement in a Massachusetts sailor's home.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed this very short short-story.  Captain Hanson Gregory, now retired and living in a retirement home, tells his story to friends and a reporter, his story of being aboard a ship, working in the galley, surviving a hurricane and inventing donuts.  Such beautiful descriptions, especially of the eye of the hurricane.  Absolutely amazing story.  Beautiful cover art as well.

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