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REVIEW: Colin McCool and the Vampire Dwarf

Colin McCool and the Vampire Dwarf
By: MD Massey

Genre: Action & Adventure, Fantasy & Magic, YA
Publication date: 12.9.2013
Pages: 175

Date read: 1.12.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Never, Ever Make Fun of a Vampire Dwarf…

Colin and Jesse discovered they've been under the spell of an evil vampire dwarf – and they’re not alone. Now, they've been recruited by a leprechaun who loves IKEA and a centuries-old wizard (who may or may not think he’s Gandalf) to break the evil vampire dwarf’s curse and save the town…

The thing is, there are a lot of weird and frightening things sneaking around their town, and not all of them are friendly. Cats the size of ponies. Ponies that eat people. Little people that eat people, and who have horrible taste in hats. And, pom-pom girls with goat feet.

All-in-all, it’s a pretty messed up situation, and it looks like Colin and Jesse are the only ones who can do anything about it – which makes it even more messed up. But if they fail, it could mean an end to their town… and an even bloodier end for Colin and Jesse.

My thougths

I have grown to really like YA books over the last couple of years - beginning with things like Harry Potter and Lemony Snickets.  So when I got the opportunity to read this, I really was excited. 

As with all books, I begin with the cover - the cover says a lot about the imagination of the author, especially if they are a self-published or Indie author.  The cover of this book really drew me in.

Then we get into the book.  Anyone who's read my reviews on YA books before, you know that reading to the young people in our lives is a really important thing to me.  I started reading chapter books to my nieces long before they were ready to read themselves and their interest never wavered.  One chapter a night led to three, four and sometimes five a night instead.  This would have been a great book to share with them and definitely one I think you should share with the kids in your life.  (On a side note: This has a few bigger books in it.  I really like when authors do this because it gives the kids the opportunity to learn new words, especially if you - the person reading the book - have them do the looking up.)

Fun, entertaining, exciting.  Well-written. The characters were great and easily related to - even if they are going up against a vampire dwarf.  You understood what they were feeling, what they were going through and what they were thinking. 

When you end the book, the author has a note there thanking you for reading his book, asking you to take the time to write a review and inviting you to check out his blog.  If you sign up for his newsletter, you are gifted the chance to read a chapter of his book that was not included called Jesse Callahan and the Bloodthirsty Cheerleaders.  This chapter gives you more detail on a side event that happens in the book, something that is eluded to.  When you are done with reading the book, sign up for his newsletter.  The chapter is well worth it.  It's a great set up for something more.  (I love when authors do things like this - have a secret chapter or a side story to give more detail to events that are skimmed over.  Definitely something more authors should do.  Kudos to the author on this one.)

Favorite characters: Most definitely Colin and Jesse, but also Colin's Uncle, who helps them out throughout the book.  I also liked the horse (that's all I'll say on that matter).

Favorite line: "Colin gestured to Jesse to move quietly, which earned him a look in return that said he was an idiot for thinking she wasn't silent as a ninja in space."

Stand out parts for me:  The whole thing about the raccoon and after they refer to the Uncle as Gandalf ... just read it.

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