Monday, January 6, 2014

REVIEW: Drinking the Poison and Waiting on Your Neighbor to Die

Drinking the Poison and Waiting on Your Neighbor to Die
By Dominique Wilkins

Genre: YA, Literature & Fiction
Publication date: 11.10.2013
Pages: 26

Date read: 1.4.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Kaleena Jones had a neighbor who couldn't breathe without exhaling hatred. Everything that Kaleena did or tried to do was a problem for her neighbor, Savannah. Savannah tried desperately to sabotage Kaleena's love life and reputation, to make herself feel better. She hated everything about the Jones' and wouldn't be satisfied until they moved back to wherever they came from. But Kaleena wasn't making it easy. Hating is tough when no one wants to acknowledge it or reciprocate it. So, will Savannah give it up or kick it up a notch?

My thoughts

This book was offered to me as a read 2 review and I still can't figure out what made me pick it up.  I guess curiosity drew me in.  In some ways I feel that giving this a 3 is just too nice, in other ways I think 3 is the right number. 

The main character (Savannah) irked me in SO many ways.  She's like Mean Girls taken far beyond what Mean Girls was.  She decided she hated someone before she even saw her and that hate grew and grew to massive proportions.  I thought that, when she started pretending to be Kaleena's friend, that she would see the good in her and change her mind, but it just got worse.  The only thing that saved this book for me, at least a little, was what happened in the second half of the book, but even that didn't make me like Savannah.  I was lucky and never really had to deal with bullying when I was younger and, after reading this book, I thank God.

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