Thursday, January 30, 2014

REVIEW: Endless Journey Beyond

Endless Journey Beyond
By Romeo Maskey

Genre: Poetry
Publication date: 9.3.2013
Pages: 96

Date read: 1.30.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: As a person who was struggling to realize the path that he wanted to choose for his life, the writer saw a little light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, unable to figure out a way to reach there, he goes through an emotional and psychological turmoil that unravels so many of life's mysteries as he confronts so many circumstances that teach him. Through the epic tale of love, life, tragedy, the every day humdrum to the social melodrama, the writer sees a different meaning to life and understand the answer to life. Through poems that tell tales of morose soul to a bright cheerful person, the writer is able to encapsulate so many different facets of human life. He captures so many human emotions and portrays them creating scenes that most of us are familiar with through our own person day to day experiences and struggles. Through these scenes, he is able to put together poems that tell tales of his understanding of God, society, human relationship, nature, families, love, life tragedy and life itself with a blend of emotional abstraction and materialistic sarcasm that urges people to imagine their own life and draw lessons out of it. Overall, Endless Journey Beyond is a collection of poetic verses that strike a chord that each one of us could relate to in sense of our daily struggles to find a way out of this life of doldrums.

My thoughts

I've said this before and I'll say it again - poetry is a very hard thing to review.  To me, writing poetry is like writing a journal entry - it's a very personal thing and, in most poetry, the author is truly wearing their heart on their sleeve.

The author, in his introduction (which is very good, by the way), says this: "This is a collection of poems, poems which made their way up to the author's psyche, stirring his emotions to delve deeper into barren territory where opportunities to be fascinated and in turn be inspired, thence taking the author to countless journeys in abstraction and in reality.  These are the poems that unraveled his inner conscience, the one stuck in the purgatory of ego and super ego, as he strode forward unrelenting about his past and the present that owes him so much. ... This is a collection of so many of those bitter experiences and good experiences which made him realize that life always balances out everything in life, from happiness, to sadness, from hardship to success, and from goodness to evil sins."  I think that says quite a bit about what you will be reading on the pages of this collection of poetry.

I enjoyed them - they made me think (about my life, friends' lives, life in general), made me feel (for him, for myself, for others).  My favorite are: Eternity; Second Best; Motivating Her (I really liked this one); Walking Along an Empty Isle, Waiting for the Elusive Smile!; World Raising Battle; A Day; 26 Things I Hate About You; His Wish For Her and Hers for Nickel and Dime; Of Demons and God!; Happiness Makes You Cry; and Life's Calling.

If you like poetry that doesn't involve lots of happiness and beauty, then I recommend you take a look at this man's poems.  I loved what he shared and felt privileged to have it shared with me.

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