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REVIEW: Induced Amnesia

Induced Amnesia
By: Tyin C Krysset

Genre: Metaphysical
Publication date: 11.2.2013
Pages: 231

Date read: 1.9.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary:  Imagine feeling so much pain that you would be willing to give up every memory and every person you know to start over - absolutely nothing left behind you and only a new slate to look forward to - providing you live through the process.

Chloe Gunn has everything any young girl should want, yet she wants to die, and just can't bring herself to do it. Instead, she volunteers for an unprecedented medical trial to induce amnesia where the answer seems simple: erase her mind and erase the pain.
Drowning in pain, Chloe begins to sleepwalk through her own life, doing whatever she can to numb the ache. Even when she survives a horrific car crash, her low-spirited view is unrelenting. So, when Chloe discovers an ad for an amnesia-inducing experiment in a medical journal, it shines like a beacon. 

And Chloe isn’t alone. Even the young, beautiful, rich and famous actress, Victoria Palmer has become intimately acquainted with the slippery hole of depression. The Academy Award winner just dropped from the map at the height of her fame following wildly publicized substance abuse, a scandalized broken engagement and an affair with a married man. Yet sizzling hot commodities just don’t drop out of the limelight, which leaves the paparazzi to doggedly and publically speculate as to why? 

Miles across the country, and just like Chloe who’s caught in her own personal nightmare, Victoria craves any desperate escape out as well. But will she find it before it becomes too late?

Think – the novel, The Bell Jar, blended with the movie, Sixth Sense ... an emotional, metaphysical ride down, and up – and where it stops, is in the unforeseen.

My thoughts

This is one of those books that, when it's time to write the review, you just don't know what to say ... or maybe it's how to say it.

If you were so hurt over one specific event, would you want to forget everything that ever happened to you?  Would you be willing to forget every moment of your life (good and bad), every happy moment, your loved ones and friends all to never feel that hurt again?  That's what Chloe decides to do - and it all goes terribly wrong.

I found the story very interesting ... but sometimes TOO interesting because, with the author trying to be informative and explain everything, she came across as if you were reading a textbook or maybe sitting in the audience listening to someone give a speech.  It's honestly like a self help book in novel form, which leads to awkward and unrealistic conversations - so filled with information that it's hard to swallow, hard to get into and really kinda boring at times, though the information itself is interesting.

Another thing I had a problem with was the missing time when it skipped forward a couple of months.  I mean, things are horribly wrong and she's having all these problems (which I feel the author spent WAY too much time on), then a few months later everything's gravy, she's all better and she's learning to train her mind to be different.  Then, a few months later, she's living a new life and then, one night, meets the actress (Victoria) that she's felt drawn to the whole time who's life is all over the place and Chloe is helping her to fix her life.  We read thinking, ok, she's learned something through her experiences, then connects with someone and passes it on to them.  Then we get to the end, which is very powerful and nothing like I expected, nothing.  But then it's all neatly taken care of and cleaned up in the end.

So, you're wondering why I gave it 4 stars, aren't you?  Here's the thing.  The story was interesting and different than anything I've ever read.  The concept of having all of your memories removed was really an interesting thought.  To be honest, even though I understood the hurt that Chloe felt, I really didn't, um, bond with her (is that what you do with characters, bond?), but I did relate to some of the things she was saying.  I think I was more interested in the friendship between the two nurses than I was in Chloe herself, but the unexpected powerful part of the end I liked and, if you get to that end part (I read a review someone wrote where she didn't make it very far into the book), I think you'll enjoy the book.  You just have to make it through some tedious (and repetitive) parts.

Note: If the author would be interested in contacting me to get my specific issues on this book, they are more than welcome to, as long as it's a positive exchange of information and thoughts. :)

Favorite line: "'We all have low points, times when we've fallen.  It's how we recover, whether or not we stand again, that determines who we are our and our future.'"

"How many little details have I overlooked in my life?  How much have I really missed?  Little things maybe, but valuable things, beautiful things, important, needed things."

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