Saturday, January 4, 2014

My thoughts

I have spoken many times about books speaking to you, sometimes in ways that the author didn't expect, of feeling a connection to a character, of their words resounding within you.

A couple of times I have shared those words and my thoughts towards them.

This is another one of those times.

I am reading a book - a really good book and even though it's a different situation from mine, I feel for this lady and understand her words, as if we could empathize with each other, even switch places.

It's funny easily I feel a connection to a person in a book, how difficult it is for me to feel a connection to most people in real life ...

"Reflect upon your present blessings,
of which every man has many -
not on your past misfortunes,
of which all men have some."
~Charles Dickens

"Abby had spent so much time wallowing in self-pity, celebrating her own pain; she seemed to have dulled her ability to sense the pain of others.  She had been focused on her own problems for too long, without having to consider anyone else's."

"One day she would have to return to her reality, a place where she no longer fit."

"Abby wasn't particularly list in thought; this time, it was her thoughts that were lost."

"...she knew there was only one person she had truly wanted to get away from, the one person she could not escape."

"'Away from the person I once was...'"

"It was a memory she'd like to forget, a memory that haunted her, a memory that cut like a knife.  She was both humiliated and traumatized at the thought of it."

"She was embarrassed, hurt, trapped.  Her heart ached and felt as if it was being torn from her chest."

"Abby was so swept up in a tsunami of pain and self-doubt that she couldn't form a rational thought."

"Once, she had allowed herself to dream that one special person out there existed for her.  All the movies told her so.  All the storybooks did, too.  She had been convinced her one perfect mate would show up and sweep her off her feet.  But, at some point, she had come to realize it only happened in movies and books.  The more she learned about psychology, the more misleading she found those movies and books to be.  Still, some part of her subtly ached for that dream to come true.  She wanted to have hope again."

"'The key is not to feel, Craig.  Haven't you figured that out yet?'"

"'I know all about things never changing, Abby.  But I also know about not letting the things I cannot control ruin my life.  I chose to move forward, not look back.'"

"Abby wanted to be angry with him.  She wanted to order him off the boat.  But she couldn't.  There was something about him that soothed her, in a way no one ever had.  His presence, though irritating at times, offered her solace.  The way he, and Chloe, made her feel was the peace she sought when she came to Winchester Bay."

"'To us, the hurdles in our lives are as fierce and as huge as the ocean.  But to the ocean, our problems are as tiny as one grain of sand.'"

"'It takes every single one of these grains of sand to create this paradise, Abby.  And you're part of it.  No mater how much you think differently ... you are part of someone's paradise.'"

"'One of these days, and hopefully soon, you're going to realize there's nothing about you that needs to be changed, Abby.  Because when I look at you, I see truth.  When you look at yourself, all you see are the lines they've fed you.'"

"Abby didn't want to face her demons; she'd been running from them for months.  It was simpler not to acknowledge the feelings or realizations that burned in her."

"'Punishing yourself will not bring anyone back,' he whispered.  'Trust me, I  have tried.'"

"'The past is over and done with, Abby.  What you have is now, this moment, today, and what it can lead to.  Is that something you want to throw away?'"

"He wanted to melt the ice she had allowed to build within her heart.  Craig knew it was her way of shielding herself from ever feeling again, from being hurt."

I can't wait to find out how this ends ......... 

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