Sunday, January 19, 2014

Roger Lloyd-Pack, you will be missed

Roger Lloyd-Pack
February 8, 1944 to January 15, 2014

My mom has a bad habit of simply emailing me information, even though we live in the same apartment and most of the time she's on the other side of it when she chooses to email me (and even sometimes sitting on the same couch as me in the living room).  

To be honest, I usually stick them all into a folder that I have specifically for things from her and deal with them once a week.  But something made me open this one.  I am so glad that I did.

Even though I am a few days late, I want to talk about this man for a moment, this actor who I have grown very fond of over the last many years, a man who died just the other day of pancreatic cancer.

My first time I saw this man on screen, it was as Owen Newitt in the Vicar of Dibley series.  He was, by far, one of my favorite characters in it.  He could make me laugh, cry and get mad all within a few minutes, but there was just something about him that drew me in and kept me wanting to see more of him.

When I found out he was playing Barty Crouch Sr in Harry Potter, it gave me just ONE MORE REASON (as if I really need another one) to see the movie.  Such a completely different character, but still him and still amazing.

Over the years I've seen him on episodes here and there of other shows that I love: Doc Martin, Doctor Who, Inspector Morse, Mr Bean, Agatha Christie's Poirot, Inspector George Gentley and even The Borgias.

An amazing actor who will truly be missed.  

I want to include the article that my mother sent to me.  It is written by his daughter and is very moving and definitely the worth the time to check out.

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Artois Cinquante Deux said...

A superb actor who will be missed. His playing of Trigger in Fools and Horses was pure genius.