Thursday, January 16, 2014

Self-published authors - pay attention!!

If you are a self-published author,
you may want to take a look at this ...

It's almost time for
Writer's Digest's
22nd annual
Self-published Book Awards

Enter your self-published book 
for a chance
to win national exposure
and so much more!!

Go.  Go!  GO!!!
Check it out!


Andrew Leon said...

That's a really steep entry fee. Really steep. Mostly, authors should stay away from contests that charge large fees for entering.

Meghan H said...

Thank you for your insight, Andrew :)

That is true, it is a little steep. I was just relaying information to anyone who may be interested.

Andrew Leon said...

Yeah, I know you were. I was just surprised at how much they're charging for that.

Meghan H said...

But if you look at all the things you can win, it makes me wonder if maybe it is worth it.

Andrew Leon said...

If I just had $100 to throw away it might be. As it is, I'll keep the money I have.
ABNA doesn't cost anything to enter and has a much better payout.

Meghan H said...

Good to know. Thank you for sharing Andrew :)

Here's the link to ABNA for anyone who is interested in entering that :) ->