Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sherlock: The Sign of Three

Since this series began, I have been waiting and waiting, on pins and needles even, wanting to find out how they handle the fact that John Watson eventually gets married.  Every one does it differently.

With Jeremy Brett playing Sherlock Holmes, Watson simply disappears for awhile.  With Robert Downey, Jr, he makes an arse out of himself and Mary wants John to end the friendship (at least that's the way she comes across in the first movie when they meet).

I have to say that this is probably the BEST of all the episodes I have seen so far.  We got  see how good of friends (best friends, actually) Sherlock and John have become (I laughed so hard with his confusion), meet John's fiance (and then wife) Mary (who is played by Amanda Abbington - who plays on Mr Selfridge, IT and Whites - and who is Martin Freeman's long term partner in real life), see Sherlock show some real emotion, solve a case with a very interesting form of murder, find out about Mrs Hudson's  husband (was anyone else as shocked as I was?!?!) and see some more really awesome wallpaper haha.  And most of the show is set at the wedding, which Sherlock has helped to plan.

I am really looking forward to seeing Episode 3 next week.  We will be watching Episode 1 sometime this week (you can't miss a friend's birthday party for a TV show haha).

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