Tuesday, January 21, 2014

REVIEW: Tales of Nancy Jones, Volume 1

Tales of Nancy Jones
Volume 1
By: Taff Jones

Genre: Teens & YA, Cats
Publication date: 10.1.2013
Pages: 72

Date read: 1.21.2014

Summary:  A beautiful children’s book about a real life pussycat called Nancy Jones. Nancy lives with her friends in England, and gets up to lots of adventures. This first volume comprises 3 new and exciting stories: 1) Nancy Finds a New Home 2) Nancy and the Gnomes 3) Friends Visit Nancy

My thoughts 

I originally heard of this book the other day when I was going through the emails my mother had sent me.  This particular one was an article about a beautiful cat named Nancy who had been seriously burned by her owner when the awful person put her in a microwave.  I was horrified and crying - first angry, then sad, ending with happy - as I read through this article about her being taken care of until she was well again and  a lovely couple adopting her.  It was very moving.  The article goes on to say that now she is the star of a book that her owner (Taff) wrote about her.  When I saw that the proceeds of the book go to the center that saved her, I immediately went to Amazon to find it.  (This is the link to the article)

I am so glad that I did.

This is such a wonderful book.  It's three short stories, told by Nancy.  The first, Nancy Finds a New Home, made me cry yet again.  It was so sad, her being in a shelter, but then very happy when she meets Taff and Pam.

The second and third, Nancy & the Gnomes and Friends Visit Nancy, are cute stories for children to read (and the kids I read them too loved them).

Nancy is beautiful and the pictures they use of her and her surroundings are a great addition.

Even though I liked all three stories, the first one is my all time favorite and I definitely recommend any cat lover (pet lover, animal lover...) to buy this book. :)

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