Thursday, January 2, 2014

REVIEW: The Ballad of Sergeant Collins

The Ballad of Sergent Collins
By: Conrad Jaymes

Genre: Police procedurals
Publication date: 12.13.2013
Pages: 24

Date read: 1.1.2014
Recommended by: Silky Oak Press

Summary: You’ve heard it said: they don’t make cops like they used to. Well, they never made another like Sergeant Collins. Legend? Maverick? A force of his own. These are some of his stories. 

The Ballad of Sergeant Collins is a short book of three linked stories by Conrad Jaymes, author of the brilliant new thriller WHITE.

My thoughts

I actually won the book White by the same author.  When I received the e-book from his publisher, we ended up having a long conversation and discussed, among other things, r2rs.  She told me that she had some others available and I told her that since it probably wouldn't be right for her to just tell me to send them all haha (they all just looked really good), I told her to pick her favorite.  She actually sent me three and this was one of them.

He starts out as a likeable cop, a cop who gets a commendation for cracking a big case.  He's not exactly a rule-follower, but he gets things done.

Years later he makes a mistake, breaks a rule that makes them all forget just how good he is.  Even though he cracked this case too, breaking that rule got him demoted.

Then we find out how willing he is to get his place back, just how far he'll go (and won't go) to crack a big case.  And what happens when it all is eventually taken away.

Great group of stories.  Well written.  And they do make you think.

Favorite line: "He sits and drinks and he fails to forget.  Because no man walks out of life unscathed.  Everything in life comes at a price."

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