Friday, January 10, 2014

REVIEW: The Last Judges

The Last Judges
By: Jedi Gong

Genre: Action & Adventure
Publication date: 7.4.2012
Pages: 342

Date read: 1.10.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Recommend to: people who love an interesting story, lots of action and sarcastic characters

Summary: Eight diverse Americans displaced by apocalyptic events struggle to discern their unique destinies... The Last Judges.

My thoughts

Before I begin my review on the actual story, I need to say that I loved every piece of art work included in this book from some obviously very talented artists (each having something to do with the story that you're reading).  I found myself stopping to check out the detail of each picture.  Definitely a plus.

I really got into this story and had a hard time putting my Kindle down once I began the story.  It starts out with stories of the individual characters as things begin happening with the earth that are not good - think the end of the earth as written in the Bible - as their journey leads them to each other, with some help from Jade (the psychic of the group) who does what she has to do to save some of them.  They all end up on James "Lock" Lockwell's property, a diverse group of people who become a family and work together to keep themselves safe, but also save other people.  Jedi did a really good job building these characters and you can't help but want to know more.

There are several heart-beating, breath-catching moments and I really liked the ending.  If you like action (and it wasn't all action, but it kept my attention the whole story) and sarcastic characters, this is definitely the book for you.

Favorite character: I actually love them all, but I would totally hang out with "Lock" on a daily :)

Favorite line: "'Son, if brains were leather, you wouldn't have enough to saddle a junebug.'"

"'I'll knock you into next week, boy.  Have you finished fortifying the perimeter yet, or you just been out there humpin' tree squirrels?'
'Mainly humpin' tree squirrels,' Eli tossed the lizard to the ground and scratched his stubbly jaw, 'But I also finished the stuff you told me.  The gate's closed off.  There's animal skulls hanging everywhere.  I posted all kinds of 'trespass and die slowly' type signs.  And I planted spiked sticks all around the outside of the fence, as if the barbed wire wasn't enough, and even impaled some rodents on the spikes for added drama.  Anybody who walks up on this place is gonna think you're a psycho hillbilly serial killer.'"

"'If ya wanna make hot rocks, get 'em high-and-dry.  Stone absorbs moisture, moisture becomes steam, steam makes rocks go boom.'"  He was a drunken third grade science teacher, 'Nine out o' ten accidents in the woods are self inflicted, people.'"

"'I'm serious.  You bring me some eighties s&%$ with dudes on the cover with giant perms wearing makeup and spandex, and I swear we're gonna scrap.'"

"'Boy, is there a hole in yer bag of marbles?  Or you just tryin' to give me the heebies?  I swear you ain't right sometimes.  Talkin' that S&%$.  Act like you got some raisin' damnit.'"

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