Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Winners' Circle 2013

I am one of those people that never win anything.  It got so bad that I decided to not try anymore.

But then I became a part of BookLikes.  They have a Giveaway section that is smaller than the one on Goodreads, with a higher quantity available (some have 50 e-books they're giving away) and no where near as many people attempting to win them.

And since I do have a book blog - and who doesn't love free books - I thought I would give it a go.  I'm still shocked every time I win one.

An author I'm friends with on there wrote a post one day surprised that there weren't a lot of people actually trying (one person was giving away 100 books and only had 30 people try).  I'm glad she said something because I was pretty surprised too.  

So, sometime in February I will begin reading the ones that I won, in the order that I won them.  (I have some r2rs to complete that I am really interested in reading.  I actually thought I would be done by today, but then I took on a few more that interested me.)

Connemara Chronicles 1: Fluctuations by Nancy M Griffis
(I actually won this one back in July on a friend of mine's blog -
Now Is Gone - and just haven't had a chance to read it yet.)

The Techxorcist 1: Artificial Evil by Colin F Barnes

The Weight of a Feather by Judy Croome

Matt Royal Mystery #8: Found by H Terrell Griffin

Falling for a Bentley by Adriana Law

The Path to Destiny 1: Tina's Foley by Elly Helcl

All Good Things: Unbound by Georgia Bell

The Grace Series 1: Grace Lost by M Lauryl Lewis

Bay's End (audio) by Edward Lorn

The Gray Tower Trilogy 1: The Tower's Alchemist by Alesha Escobar
The Gray Tower Trilogy 2: Dark Rift by Alesha Escobar

City of Dreams by Magnus Flyte

Accidents and Incidents by Riley Graham

Another Space in Time by Richard Bunning

The Nogiku Series: Removed by SJ Pajonas

Stumptown Survival: The Complete Collection by Noah Porter

Angels, Ghosts and Creepy Things: A Paranormal Book Bundle

The Path to Destiny 2: Najia's Sacrifice by Elly Helcl

Colours of Crime: White by Conrad Jaymes

Gilo Cataldi Mysteries: Necessary Decisions by Giacomo Giammatteo

Better Stay Dead: John's Shout by Dave Callahan

Jim Richards Murder Novels 30: Trick or Treat Murders
by Bob Moats
(I actually won this from another website, after reading his Christmas
one, and told him to pick which one he wanted to send me, his favorite
one - autographed paperback)

Jews, Gentiles and Christianity by Dan Blackwelder

Zombie Housewives by Ami Blackwelder

Mer Chronicles 1: Mers by Ami Blackwelder


Upsilon Knot by Merle Darling

The Covington Witches: Book of Secrets Volume 1 (first of 6
installments) by Roz Carter

Sloughing off the Rot by Lance Carbuncle

The Glass Room Murder by Rose Carter and Robert Ireland

The Phoenix Cycle: Would You? by Robert Edward

Heart of Texas: The Series by KL Hemley

Fortune Out West: The Series by KL Hemley

Dragon: Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts

I look forward to reading all of these and thank the authors profusely for the opportunity to read their books.


Krista Walsh said...

That's a lot of wins!! Hope they're all up to snuff :-) I see the Techxorcist on there. The author's a good friend of mine and I REALLY enjoy that one. Hope you do as well!

Meghan H said...

It's funny - I'm one of those people that don't ever win anything. But then I met a few people on Goodreads that are HARDCORE when it comes to trying to win books - like spend hours daily trying over there. When I saw that BookLikes had giveaways - and that they were so easy (sometimes it's 50 ebooks and only like 35 people have tried for them) - I figured I might as well give them a try. Then I had a conversation with an author on there on one of her posts, her wondering why people just don't at least try for them and she's right, I mean, if I don't try, how do I know I can't win? And look what happened. (But, yeah, most of them were ones that had 50 or 100 going, so I'm not that much of a winner. :p)

I only choose ones to try for that actually look like something I would be interested in. Techxorcist was the first and it looks amazing. (I hope I like it because I picked up 2 & 3 when they went reduced prices haha.) I can't see why I won't - it's my kind of book.

Edward Lorn is a great author - I've already read one of his and am currently listening to the audio I won. He's got great stuff.

The Jim Richards' novel is written by Bob Moats - I can't believe I forgot to put that haha) - I read his Christmas one and liked it.

And since I have really good luck with picking books - I've read very few in the last few years that I just didn't like - I figure they should all be really good :) *fingers crossed*

Plus I made friends with that Krista Walsh person from Greylands so .... :)

Alesha Escobar said...

You're very welcome, Meghan! I hope you enjoy The Gray Tower Trilogy. Alas, I'm the type who barely wins anything as well. I'm always amazed by relatives who are constantly winning prizes, contests...and jackpots in Vegas. Sigh.