Saturday, January 4, 2014

What should we name her?

*click click clack ... clack clack click ... click clack click ...*

Fluta: Hey, Abry.  Whatchadoin?

Abry: I'm thinking.  Shhh...

Fluta: Does Aunt Meghan know you're playing with her computer?  You're gonna be in sooo much trouble...

Abry: She knows what I'm doing.  Now shhh...

Fluta: *spinning around in the desk chair* Wheeee wheeeee wheeee ... um ... uh ... Abry ... I think ... I'm gonna ... throw up ...

Abry: Fluta, knock it off.  If anyone's gonna be in trouble, it's gonna be you ... especially if you throw up on her chair.  Now be quiet and come here and help.
            Are you listening?  These people don't know us, not yet.  So, please, do what Aunt Meghan asks when we go into the store - act normal-people normal, ok?

Fluta: *snickering into her foot* You just told me to act like a person ... *starts laughing*

Abry: Fluta!!... We made a friend when we went to the zoo and we can't keep calling her our friend.  We have to name her.  So I'm gonna ask them if they have any ideas.

Fluta: *looks confused* Who's them?

Abry: *shakes head and sighs* This is why YOU aren't allowed to play with Aunt Meghan's computer.  *points at screen* Those people.

Fluta: *stares at screen, then smiles big and waves* Hi, guys!!

Abry: *waves at the screen*  I'm Abry.  *points at Fluta*  That's Fluta.  *looks at Fluta* Now shhh for a minute.
            A few weeks ago, Aunt Meghan and Bitey (*whispers* that's our Gramma) took us to the zoo so that we could see some of our friends.  While we were there, we found a friend we could take home with us.  She's going to go on adventures with us and we're so excited.  WE just have ONE.LITTLE.PROBLEM - we don't know what to name her.  I can't keep calling her "my friend" to everyone.


Fluta: Isn't she beautiful??

Abry: She sure is.  She's an Okapi.  She kinda looks like a horse and a deer mixed together and has zebra stripes on her tush and legs.  Her coat is a deep reddish-brown color.  The coolest thing is she has a tongue that is long and sticky.  It helps her get leaves to eat and to help her clean herself.

Fluta: She can EVEN lick her own eye ball!!

Abry: Yeah, yeah - she can do that.  Wicked.
            They kinda keep to themselves, live by themselves unless it's time for them to ... get married.

Fluta: Woooooooo!!

Abry: *snickers* Shhh shhh - you're gonna embarrass our friend.  They're also herbivores ...

Fluta: ... like Aunt Meghan *laughs*

Abry: Fluta!! ... So, people, can you help us name her?  Something spiffy cool and stuff ... *smiles*

Fluta: Oh, oh - and here's a picture of her mommy so you can see how our friend will look when she's all grown up.  They say she looks like a giraffe, but shorter and without the long neck.  I don't know if I see it.  Hmm ...


EdwardLorn said...
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EdwardLorn said...

I say go with calling her Eighties. You know, because she looks like she has on zebra print tights.

And if anyone wonders why I deleted my last comment it's because of aliens. They're out there. And they cause typos.

Meghan H said...

hahaha You crack me up E hahaha

And that's a great idea. Depending on how many I get, I think I may do a voting thing at the end. Thanks so much for your suggestion :)