Sunday, January 19, 2014

What Star Wars person are you?

This is all Hugh's fault.  I just want to point that out to all of you BEFORE I get into this.  Yup, Hugh, everyone's favorite Curmudgeon (and if you don't know Hugh, you should meet Hugh cause I'm telling you, you will love him) caused all of this.

See, I'm over on BookLikes and I see this ...


You're wondering.  And that's cool.  Cause I was too.

So I read the post and I find out that the test says that Hugh = the very cool Chewbacca (I sure would like to know why I keep hearing that in my head like one of the pirates on Muppet Treasure Island!).  And there's a link.

Of course I had to go take it.  I mean, you want to take it too, huh?

I admit that I was torn between "I can find people's lack of faith ... disturbing" and "Pull someone's arm out of the socket" as answers to one question.   And I do believe that my childhood was "Traumatic in a way that can only be properly explained in a prequel" but I never expected this ...

Though he IS one of the MOST AWESOME characters in Star Wars, I'm just not seeing myself as a villain.  I mean, even my mean face brings laughter.  Is this what my future holds?

So, here's the link --->>>  What Star Wars character are you? 

I'm curious.  Please, share in the comments below.  I'd like to know what everyone else is too. :)


C.E. Martin said...

I came out a Stormtrooper. not even the cool Speederbike Scouttrooper, just te regular old, can't-hit-the-broadside-of-a-barn Stormtrooper. Boo.

Meghan H said...

*busts out laughing* That's awesome. What kind of answers did you give?

Over on BookLikes, one of my friends got The Emperor so her and I are hiring an interior decorator and taking over the Dark Side. :)

Andrew Leon said...

I don't know if that's the same test I've taken the past, but I've always come out as Obi-wan, and I'm cool with that.

Meghan H said...

Obi-wan is cool. We had a hamster once named after him haha.

The question is - the older one or the younger one?

Andrew Leon said...

I just went and took this particular test and did get Obi-wan. The picture was of the older one, but it only said "Obi-wan."

Meghan H said...

Cool!! I liked the older one better anyways. :)