Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Legend Dies

Shirley Temple Black
April 23, 1928 to February 10, 2014
Died at 85 years old
Amazing actress, Amazing person

Seeing the news article this morning - I almost cried.  Shirley Temple was one of my favorite actresses when I was little and throughout the years I have seen every movie she has been in.  I used to think she was awesome and her movies taught me that, as a girl, I could do anything that I wanted to and, when I was older and saw her in movies where she was no longer just a cute little girl with curly hair, that you could be absolutely beautiful and feminine without having to come across sultry.  

I know she's in a better place, up in Heaven with all the other amazing people that have left our world, but it still makes me sad.  (Almost as sad as when I found out that Mr. Rogers died - and that was crushing.)

So, Rest in Peace Shirley Temple.  You will be missed, but you will always be loved.  *walks off to slip one of her movies into the Blu-ray*


Bookfanatic said...

Ok that did make me cry. So many memories, happy memories of watching this amazing child and then the amazing woman she became. Even after acting she went on to have a good life and was always a role model and a genuinely class act. The world has lost a truly beautiful person.

Meghan H said...

The more I think about it, the sadder I get. It'll probably hit me hard later. She is what the women in Hollywood should strive to be. I really and truly hope that, when she passed, she was not in any pain. They say that she had her family with her, but that's all they shared in the article I read - which is so her, right?