Thursday, February 27, 2014

REVIEW: Around a Different Corner

Around a Different Corner
By: Jay Nabonne

Genre: Short Stories, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Publication date: 1.22.2014
Pages: 87
Amazon link: Around a Different Corner 

Date read: 1.26.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: Enter a world beyond the everyday, beyond the commonplace, beyond the expected. Within these pages, you'll find eleven stories where destiny reigns, where ghosts are real, and where the connection between lovers can never be broken – even when they have not yet met. See life through the eyes of those who, either deliberately or by accident, turned left when they should have turned right or perhaps simply stepped off the path to explore the mysteries and wonders to be found somewhere new. Discover what happens to those who find themselves around a different corner.

My thoughts

Under my new book selection guidelines (based on cover and genre, instead of reading a book description that gives away too much information or doesn't do it justice, leaving me open to the wonderful surprises that a book holds), I would have never chosen this book.  Why?  Because the book cover is just not appealing - and people DO judge books based on their cover.  But I did choose it, mainly because it was a selection of short stories and, even though I have been left burned by short stories on several occasions, I am still curious enough to keep reading them.

Despite the cover, I am very glad I picked this one up.  There are some really good stories in here and none of them what I expected at all.  They make you think and isn't that one of the good things about stories?  The first two are, by far, my favorites.  

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