Saturday, February 1, 2014

Between the Bindings with Kylie Kerosene

I decided to do something different this week on Between the Bindings.  This time I chose one of my FAVORITE bloggers - who is CURRENTLY writing a novel - to offer some advice on what she's learned so far.

Now, if you don't know Kylie Kerosene, you are in luck.  You can find her blog by following this La-La-La-La-La-Link .  She is a jack-of-all-trades and a very interesting person to talk to.  And when this novel of her's gets published, I plan on being one of the first to read it.

So here's what she had to say ...

As a fairly new writer just on the brink of publishing my first novel, I don't feel at all qualified to give writing advice. But since I've been asked, I'll do my best. I guess the best advice I can give is to let others learn from my experience (what little experience I have) - and more specifically, from my mistakes.

I've been writing novels since I was a little girl, but I always ended up distracted by something shiny and never finished one. Until now.  Sure, I still get distracted, but now that passion and drive to get my story out there exceeds those distractions. So I guess my first tip is pretty obvious: KEEP WRITING. Don't let things distract you, at least not for long; and most importantly, don't let the opinions of negative people (including yourself) distract you, or discourage you. It might be comfortable to stay in your cocoon, safe from the judgement of readers, but you aren't a writer unless you WRITE. So finish that book, get it out there, and spread your wings. It's the only way to know if you can fly. ;)

Another thing I've learned recently (the hard way) is that it takes more than an outline to finish a novel. You're probably rolling your eyes and thinking "Duh, Kylie. Duh." But seriously, I didn't realize when I started this novel just how much WRITING is actually involved in writing a novel. Obviously I can ramble with the best of them, but when it comes to getting my story on paper (or laptop as the case may be) I suck. I think that's because I used to write screenplays, and this novel series came to me in a vision - similar to a movie playing out in my head - music and all (music is a HUGE part of writing for me) - and it's really tricky to come up with words to describe what's happening when you just want to SHOW people. But it's important to find that balance between showing and telling, and obviously to meet that word-count expectation (ugh). Your outline might be a masterpiece, but a novel isn't a novel without WORDS. So add as many words as possible. Write, write, write. You can always cut it down in editing. Remember, most of your readers are just readers, not MIND readers. So write ALL the words!

Speaking of showing stuff, I personally prefer to include illustrations in my novels. I'm not the best artist in the world, and when I started this novel I was literally just beginning to draw, but I wanted readers to have something to look at besides just words (probably the screenwriter in me) so I do all my own illustrations for them. It's free, but be warned, it's NOT easy. Digital art is a LOT of painstaking and tedious work. Most authors don't, but if you decide you want illustrations in your books, you might be better off paying someone to do them for you (and your hands will definitely thank you).  If I had the money (which I don't - did I mention I WRITE for a living?) I would personally browse Deviant Art for illustrators. There are a few really good artists there, most of whom offer commissions.  Something to think about at least.

Anyway, I suppose that's it. Good luck! And I promise to take my own advice and finish my novel soon! If you want to keep in touch I'm on Facebook (Facebook link) and Twitter (@KylieKerosene). And I actually TALK to people (and hopefully I always will) - which I guess brings me to my last tip. Even if you are the best writer in the world and have sold millions of books (or are successful at whatever else you do) it doesn't make you any better than anyone. So don't stop talking to people. Don't sell out. Ever.  Stay genuine. Stay you!

Oh, and one more thing.
Be the lightning. ;)

-Kylie Kerosene

All such great points, Kylie.  As usual with things you have to say, I feel like you've been in my brain hearing my thoughts - especially with the "keep writing" part.  Advice I definitely need to keep reminding myself of.  And I definitely like the last one - too many authors forget the little people :) (AND too many readers forget that authors are human also).  Thank you so much for sharing them with us today.  And good luck finishing your book.  :)


KylieKerosene said...

Thanks so much Meghan :)

Meghan H said...

You are VERY welcome. Thank you for being on BtB :)

KylieKerosene said...

Any time!