Monday, February 10, 2014

Book launch - Anything for Love

Anything for Love
(Part 1 of A Touch of Honey)
by Gamal Hennessy

is out today
on Amazon
for .99

Nikki Siriene is willing to suffer for her lover Chris.  She uses her sexual charms to spy for him.  She deals with the constant slut shaming from his mercenary soldiers.  She even faces the threat of sudden violence from his targets.  But she wants a better life and she wants it with him.

That's why Nikki follows Chris to Argentina.  She needs to escape the danger and constant stress of their lives.  But new threats are hiding in this paradise.  Will Nikki finally learn the truth about Chris and the men who are hunting him?  Will she be able to leave the life of a honey trap, or will she be forced to sacrifice everything for her love?

Note: This book is the first episode of A Taste of Honey.  It originally appeared in the 2013 anthology Smooth Operator.  Nikki's story will continue in Book 2: The Art of Seduction, which will be available in March 2014.  (Keep an eye here at The Gal in the Blue Mask for more information. :D)

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