Thursday, February 6, 2014

REVIEW: Dead Doughboy Walking

Sojourning Souls 1: 
Dead Doughboy Walking
By Kevin J Hallock

Genre: Thriller, Historical, Paranormal
Publication date: 7.1.2013
Pages: 27

Date read: 2.6.2014

Summary: One body, two minds: what could possibly go wrong?

Dead Doughboy Walking is about a soldier without a body, the girl he must marry, and his best friend who must make room for his mind.

Cecil loved life in the trenches as a doughboy. The dullness of a blood-stained blade. The thud of a bullet finding flesh. The exhilaration of rushing over the top. But as much as he loved his job, he loved his girl more. So after winning the war, he was headed home to Edna and they were going to be happily married.

Except Cecil woke up without a body.

Now, Cecil’s mind must navigate a wasteland of memories, crawl into a new body, and get back to Edna before it’s too late. Unfortunately, his best friend’s body is the first one he finds. It’s Cecil vs. Horace and Edna is the prize. 

My thoughts

I read the second of the series for an r2r and this story was included at the end, so I guess this is pretty much an r2r too.  I discuss it in that review, but feel that I need to also go and say what I think on  the actual story.

When I received the novel, I believed (through book descriptions) that it was the first of the series.  When I found this "little nugget" at the end of the story, I was quite excited.  I had wanted to know a little more about this character and here was a really good backstory of him, showing us what led him to be the way he was, how he got to where he is now, at least in part.  It had a bit of drama, where there could have been more, but we see where the turning point was in his life and I really liked that.

Imagine my surprise when I headed to Goodreads to write my review.  There at the top of the page it said: Eye Spy (Sojourning Souls #2).  What?  I looked at the description and saw that this - THIS - little short story was actually #1 in the series.  That.changes.EVERYTHING.  If this is the beginning of the series, then it's nothing.  It's not good at all.  If I had read this first, I would not have even bothered with the second book (and I'm a firm believer in reading the full series) because there is nothing encouraging me to read more, nothing making me want to know more.

So, in an act of protest, I guess, or something, I've decided to go with the exact middle.  As the first book in a series, this is a definite 1 or 2 star (and I very rarely rate a book that low), but as a backstory on a character, this is a definite 4, cleaned up maybe even a 5.

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