Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Disney Princesses and My Family

Yes, this is a story about Disney Princesses.  No, I don't think you should leave now.  You might find it very interesting. :p

For those of you who are not familiar with my family dynamics, I  have a sister and twin nieces (I have more than just that in my family, but they are the family pertinent to this story).  

When Ris (the oldest, by 30 seconds) and Idgie (the youngest, by 30 seconds) were little, they loved anything and everything Disney, but especially the princesses.  They had decided, at a young age, that Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty were twins just like them and it stuck.

 Ris is Cinderella, even though her favorite color is purple and not blue.  One of my favorite memories of her when she was little was after we had watched Cinderella for like the billionth time - she stood up and held her dress out like that and danced, spinning around, as if she was Cinderella (I can still see it in my head).

She was an actress like that, our little drama queen.  We had a fireplace that was about 2 feet off the ground and her and Idgie would get up there on that fireplace and pretend it was their stage.  My mother and I have always been into British Mysteries and Mystery on PBS (they have since changed the beginning some) had a lady, holding an handkerchief, and she would hold her hand up to her face and, as the handkerchief flew away, she would sigh and faint - and Ris would do this and land on these big floor pillows.  Haha like I said - total drama queen.

Idgie is Aurora - this time the favorite color was correct.  While Cinderella's character was right for Ris, Aurora's character was right for Idgie.

Idgie was a lover of animals and people.  She never met anyone that she didn't immediately want to be friends with and trusted everyone.Very inquisitive as well.

An actress just like her sister, she would turn her stuffed animals (with magic, of course) into princes for her and her sister to dance with.

If it was Disney Princess, I guarantee they owned it.  And when I worked at the Disney Store, they made me a list for Santa of all the things that he needed to buy at my store for them haha.

They soon decided that if they were princesses, then their mother and I should be princesses as well.  

 Now, I always thought of my sister as an Alice.  She was a dreamer and a believer (until she grew up and, as most adults do, forgot all that wonderful stuff) - and Alice was definitely both.  Plus look at all the wonderful adventures she had.

My nieces decided she should be Ariel, the beautiful hair, the handsome prince.

But my sister was NOT having it.

She was Snow White and that was final.

A few  years ago, when they were telling a friend of mine that they were Cinderella and Aurora, the friend asked, "Well, who's Mommy?" and Ris looked at her and said "Snow White."  Before my friend could ask why, Idgie stuck in, "Because she threw a fit" which Ris followed with, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."  Hahaha.

Who was I, you are wondering?

Why Belle, of course - though it did take me forever to figure out why.

Belle has her Beast - I mean, isn't that what most people think of when they think of Belle?  So, I thought, for the longest time, that this was a child's (or in my case, children's) way of telling me that I make bad choices when it comes to men.

Then a few months ago I was explaining Belle to someone (and here recently again).  It started off, "Belle has her Beast and he surprised her with a library because she's constantly reading..." and ended with "...OOOOOOHHH!!  So THAT's why they call me Belle."

It all makes perfect sense.  I am constantly reading, always with my nose in a book (or my Kindle) ... and I would LOVE being gifted a whole room like she got.

So, that's the story of our princesses, though I see us more like the following (and I'm sure Ris, Idgie and K would completely agree).



Andrew Leon said...

Well... Alice isn't a princess, anyway.

Meghan H said...

Haha true, but neither is Tinker Bell and they count her as one :p