Saturday, February 22, 2014

REVIEW: No Such Thing

No Such Thing
By: Edward Lorn

Genre: Horror, Science Fiction
Publication date: 2.20.2014
Pages: 30
Amazon link: No Such Thing 

Date read: 2.21.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: (Previously titled KEINE SOLCHE SACHE)

"Parthenogenesis is a dream. Or a nightmare, depending on who you ask."

When geneticist Johan Schmidt seeks funding for a new project, elusive scientist Eliot Von Lennon agrees to cover the cost of Johan’s experiments. Together, the two men will discover whether or not the human soul exists, or if there truly is…


My thoughts 

This story was given to me as a surprise gift.  I received a message on BookLikes that said simply: "I sent you something."  I'm all "What?!?!" then went and checked my emails and there it was.  See, Edward knows that I will read anything that he writes AND that I will be brutally honest about it.  He welcomes bad reviews from the people he knows because he grows from them.  The problem is, I haven't read anything I didn't like.  Including this one.  Please, E, write a bad book so I can write a bad review.

One of my favorite kind of stories is a sci-fi something that ends up being scary.  That is exactly what this story is.  I mean, at the beginning, you're listening to this scientist guy and listening to his conversation with another dude and his assistant and you're thinking in your head (partly because it's an Edward Lorn book and that's just how things go, partly because, well, you can just tell) that this just isn't going to go right.  You continue on quickly through the story because it just flows and silently encourages you to do so.  And, as typical with these stories, your heart starts rapidly beating about 50% into the story and by the end you're just like ":O Wow!"  There is no other way to explain this story then that.  It is yet another very good read that I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who likes their sci-fi a bit scary. :)

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