Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow in San Antonio?!?!

Yup, you read that right.  SNOW!!

Two weeks ago, around this time, ice ... and now snow.

Not creamy like they show in the movies.  More like the consistency of that space ice cream my sister and I used to get at Space Center Houston.

But it.still.counts.

I am giddy happy.  I have been out there several times.  My neighbors must think I'm crazy.  I don't care.





Andrew Leon said...

I want some.
>grumble grumble grumble<

Meghan H said...

Keep saying it. I've been saying it for two months and LOOK!!!! it finally happened :)

Krista Walsh said...

So you likr snow, eh? Comr for a visit and take it all home with you! ;-)

Meghan H said...

No no no no no. That's TOO MUCH snow. Way too much snow. I like this. I would have liked more, actually. Like we had a couple of year's back in Houston - where we made snowmen *cough cough* miniature snowmen only a few inches tall all over our front yard like an awaiting army *cough cough* and they were still there the next morning when we were out waiting for the bus (the school bus - I waited outside with my nieces).