Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Grim List of Moi

One of my friends over on BookLikes (All Hail Grimlock) posted a 10 Things About Me list over there yesterday, which encouraged a lot of my other friends to do the same.  I find these lists very interesting because it helps you to learn a lot about someone, things that you wouldn't always learn in a normal conversation.  

I hadn't planned on doing one myself - I really am quite boring - but another friend (Bookwork Blurbs) twisted my arm (:p) so I decided to go ahead and post one over there - then come here and share it too.  

Don't say I didn't warn you :p ...

1. I'm the Greatest Aunt in the World.  Don't believe me?  Ask my nieces :D.  They are my THINGS and I am their Cat in the Hat *happy sigh*

2. I am one of those annoyingly happy people - you know, the ones that look at an empty glass and still imagine it to be mostly full, the ones that are always chipper and have the great advice and do what they can to make you see how awesome you are - yup, disgustingly so.  But when someone hurts me or makes me sad, it is VERY hard for me to get over it.

3. I am a purveyor of delectable fare and pulchritudinous confections. 

4. My name is Meghan ... spelled the correct way.  (There is a story behind my name that makes it mean THAT much more to me.  My mom's name is Margaret Gayle, though she prefers to be called Gayle.  Her mother's name was Margaret, nicknamed Margie.  There were lots of Margarets in my family, going back a few generations, the oldest daughter being named after the mother.  My name is Irish for Margaret.  My sister's name is Kendra Gayleen because she's the second child and mom named her after herself as well - she's always trying to name things after herself i.e. pets, stuffed animals, cartoon characters haha.  My niece, Idgie, the youngest by 30 seconds, has Abigail has her middle name, so when Idgie has kids, then she can give her second daughter a middle name having something to do with it too.  My middle name is Shena, which is Irish for Janice, my other grandmother's name.  So, I'm named after several very awesome women.)

5. I'm a blogger and a writer, hopefully one day to be an author.

6. My favorite color is the color of my eyes - and it makes me mad when people don't know what that is.

7. "My perfect Sunday ..." (Do you know what movie that's from?) would be the zoo, a picnic at the park, seeing a play, going to a museum, or a library or an old book store.  Taking me to things like that - that's how you impress me.  Fancy restaurants and the movies just don't cut it when it comes to me cause everyone goes there.

(7b: People very rarely get my movie quotes - but when they do, I know I need to keep them around.)

8. I am really a very shy person, but when I get nervous I talk - a lot. 

9. I am one of the easiest people to understand, if only you learn my language.  (I speak from my heart.)

10. I still believe in all the things that adults are no longer supposed to believe in.  I'm allergic to gravity - never afraid to soar above the clouds.
YOU should do one too.  Post the link in my comments so I can go check it out :)

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Meghan H said...

I love when people comment and ask questions on things, especially things like this.

Over on BookLikes (the link to the post over there:, one of my friends made a comment about my line "allergic to gravity."

Here is my reply: "I told someone, once upon a time (back when I believed in Prince Charmings and stuff like that), that he was the black and white to my colored world, that he kept me grounded. When it turned out to be all make believe, I realized that the one for me is the one that allows me to fly, not the one who tries to make me stay on the ground."