Wednesday, February 19, 2014

REVIEW: The Immortal Game

The Immortal Game 1:
The Immortal Game
By: Joannah Miley

Genre: Fantasy, Myths & Legends
Publication date: 11.29.2013
Pages: 276
Amazon link: The Immortal Game 

Date read: 2.19.2014
Recommended by: Read 2 Review

Summary: When struggling pre-med student Ruby West beats the unconquerable Ash at chess he becomes fixated on her. Which is great if you like smoldering blue eyes, sculpted features, and afternoons of unexpected adventure. But not so great when she discovers he is a Greek god and his father, Zeus, has forbidden the gods from interacting with humans.

Ruby soon realizes her love for Ash threatens the fragile stability that has kept the gods from meddling in the mortal world.

Before long the two find themselves on a quest to rescue a goddess, save the Earth from unending winter, and secure the right to be together forever.

My thoughts

Before I start with my review, let me tell you that it is THIS book that has made me decide that, from now on, I'm basing my book buying by title, cover and genre alone.  I will admit fully that I did not read the description of this book - something just made me say "Yeah, I'll review this for you."  So, I picked up the book and, because I had not read the description, at 21% I was like "Wait, WHAT?!?!"  It was like opening an unexpected gift on Christmas, a surprise visitor, a seriously happy moment that occurs completely out of the blue during the worst day ever ... it.was.beautiful.

I love mythology.  Zeus, Hades, Poseidon ... you mention them and I'm there.  This book has it all - and a lot of other fun characters.  I like the take on mythology this one has and the storyline itself is not only interesting, but keeps your attention, even with the slow bits.  There are times when you have an idea of what could possibly happen, but then when it does happen, you're half I knew it, half wow.  Definitely an interesting book and one a series I plan to continue. 

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